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An article on SV Wallinghausen

An article on SV Wallinghausen

The shirts of the coaches demonstrate power, On the left side it is stitched the green and white club emblem of SV Wallinghausen, and next to it is the cartoon character Hulk, who clenches his right fist. Wallinghausen, a team that is strong-willed and likes to attack. This attitude brought the Green-Whites to an unexpected third place last season in the Ostfrieslandliga entitling the team to get promoted to next higher district league. 

SVW coach Sven Bünting commented: "Throughout the league we were always close to it. At the end it was a precision landing." Wallinghausen left behind the opponent SV Hage. Three goals made the difference. And now the newcomer will compete with reputable teams from the Aurich and Leer districts playing for the first time in the district league. More than an adventure? All club members are exited and awaiting the upcoming league. 

The newcomer knows what made him strong and will not walk right into a trap, promises the coach: "The defence is the key. If we keep our stability, like last season when we had the best defence with only 23 goals conceded, then we are on the right track. But in the district league, of course, things are different.” The extraordinary team spirit with most of the players from the village, plus the individual class of young players like Ahlers, Bogena, Janssen and Monnerjahn can make the difference in decisive moments. And not to forget experienced players such as Jannes Hagena, Reuter and Roschmann, who know how to calm down the game in hectic situations and implement on the pitch the tactical orders of the coach. Since 2004 Bünting manages the team of the SVW. It is his biggest success now the promotion to the district league.  

The fans are looking forward to the upcoming league with numerous derbies (amongs them: Aurich, Großefehn, Middels and Moordorf) and the club expects a bigger audience than before. The preparation for the season is in the last stages with already three test matches played against lower-leagued Esens II (2: 0), TuS Westerende (1: 2) and Eintracht Plaggenburg (3: 2). This Sunday 3pm SV Wallinghausen will open the league with the match against a super-strong TV Bunde that is aiming at promotion this season after getting relegated last season from upper state league. SVW expects a complicated match and most likely would love to have a Hulk in the line-up.


Arrivals/New Players:

Stefan Heyen (SV Großefehn), Max Beccard (TuS Middels), Martin de Graaf (SuS Steenfelde)

Departures/Players left:

Nils Basse (Ostriesia Moordorf II), Stefan Janssen (VfB Münkeboe), Daniel Brungers

Goal Keepers:

Julian Ahlers, Hauke Müller, Jens Rocker

Defence Players:

Kilian Ahlers, Derk Janssen, Max Beccard, Tobias Cordes, Marco Recknagel, Helge Reuter, Marcel Emken

Midfield Players:

Gregor Roschmann, Marvin Dahlke, Simon Wilts, Bent Bogena, Mohammed Kassem, Martin de Graaf, Jannes Hagena, Frederik Schulz

Attacking Players:

Jan Diekmann, Hauke Monnerjahn, Jan Friso Heeren, Ulf Hagena, André van Doorn, Stefan Heyen

Coach: Sven Bünting (B-Licence)

Aim for the season: Stay in the league

Favorite for the title: TV Bunde, Frisia Loga, Westrhauderfehn

By :Team Faisports

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