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Bangalore Super Division: Broadcasting interruped in the middle of an ongoing match

Bangalore Super Division: Broadcasting interruped in the middle of an ongoing match
FC Deccan team in their red-coloured away jersey kit . .
15. Dec 2021 / 1:45 AM IST / Bangalore Football Stadium / FC Deccan vs Bangalore Dream United FC

For the first time ever matches of the Bangalore Super Division can be watched this year online as they are broadcasted by Indian media group SportsCast India via their YouTube channel. Specifically in view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but also in view of the for the masses still inconvenient match timings - and last but not least the growing international interest in Indian football. In most of the matches SportsCast India banked on the presence of a commentor, rotating one local commentator with Joel Williams who fed the viewer with lots of additional information and news about international football.

Well, it seemed that we can watch now such matches online.... because what happened today was a sudden death of the broadcasting that stopped from one second to the next without any warning. The weather was pleasant - a thunderstorm could not have been the reason. Was it a technical failure? But then why would the streaming not resume after some time? Out team in the stadium reported that the SportsCast camera team simply packed their bags and left the place. As the match was still ongoing it seemd nobody paid atttention to their leaving.
YouTube ran an information on the screen that there must have been raised an urgent complaint of a third party about an alleged infringement of broadcasting rights. Well, it seems that the YouTube lawyers assessed this issue in a manner that they decided to interrupt the broadcasting immediately. For us a reason to seek clarification from SportsCast India that is present in the Bangalore Football Stadium since weeks. What we could gather from SportsCast is that some legal issue between the local football association KSFA (Karnataka State Football Association) and a not disclosed third party made it impossible for Sportscast to continue the live streaming. We are told that as soon as this legal issue is solved they would resume the broadcasting.

In the meantime the match of FC Deccan vs Bangalore Dream United FC came to an end with a narrow 1:0 victory for the FC Deccan side. Bangalore Dream United, 10 year old club from the Western part of Bangalore, with their sports facilities close to the Kommagatta Lake - and younger FC Deccan with their nicely located sports ground in Northern Bangalore (Bettahalasur). Two teams in the danger zone of the standings table with, of course, the intention to avoid relegation. We saw only one goal today, result of a penalty in the second half that was successfully converted by Rijohn (62th.). The first half already showed one disputed scene in the box of Dream United - let us say it was a 50/50 situation, but in many comparable scenes in previous matches of this league we would have heard the referee's whizzle for penalty, too. On the other hand, a low shot to the far corner in the first half could have easily brought the lead for Dream United, but FCD goal keeper Jamie Joy saved it with a long dive. It was an intense and quite physical match today in which both teams did not want to give too much of room to play to the opponent. What we should mention here is that FC Deccan, after a series of lost matches, has quite silently changed their coaching team. FC Deccan's previous successful coaching duo of Nickson and Shivamani, who in the meantime took the responsibility in I-League club Chennai City FC, are back after the recent episodes in the Tamil Nadu based club. As they know part of the players, the club's facilities and the management it has not been a cold start - even within this short time they managed to inculate more confidence in the players. Something that was visible on the field. And FC Deccan played with a less offensive lining up but marking the opponent players with less distance than in the last matches. Like this the midfield was the meeting point in this match with few opportunities on both sides. Such opportunities were there, but like in previous matches of the both teams their line ups need too many chances to score. So it was quite logical that one standard situation could decide this game.

Both teams remain ranked same like before, FC Deccan 12th (with now 9 points), and Bangalore Dream United FC ranked 13th (with 5 points), but now with an advantage of 4 points for FC Deccan over Dream United who is in danger of getting overtaken by following Young Challengers FC.

In the second match of the day Student Union FC and Bangalore Independents FC amicably share points after a 1:1 draw. The goal for Student Union FC that is sponsored by Thanco's Icecream this season, was marked by Under-21 player Aaryan Amla (20th. min). The succesful scorer for Bangalore Independents FC was once again Bibin Babu. With this draw Student Union climbs one rank to 10th with now 9 points and a negative goal difference of -2. Bangalore Independents remain 9th with now 10 points and a goal difference of -13.

Tomorrow the Bangalore Football Stadium will only see one match - the clash between the top teams of FC Bengaluru United and the reserve team of FC Bangalore.

Bangalore Dream United will have an unusually short span of two days of rest now with the crucial upcoming next match against ADE FC that is tailing the standings table.

Source: FAISPORTS, SportsCast India, KSFA
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