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Bangalore Super Division: Clash of ASC & Center and Young Challengers

Bangalore Super Division: Clash of ASC & Center and Young Challengers
Head clash of midfielders Ibrahim and Saroj Rai in the second half when the match was already fairly decided in favour of ASC. ..
12. Nov 2021 / Bangalore Super Division / 3:45pm / Venue: Bangalore Football Stadium Ashok Nagar

Both teams comfortably situated in the midfield of the standings table before start of this match no. 29, the third and last game of the day, started powerful and with ambitions to climb up some ranks.
ASC & Center FC players joining in a circle for a last motivating speach before kick-off of the clash with Young Challengers FC

After a few minutes it got apparent that ASC was the more active team working on creating first chances but still got whizzled back due to offside positions. Young Challengers tried it with two long loops into the opponents box but ASC goal keeper Muthum Raj stepped forward some meters and easily cleared. It took till min 12 when ASC had the first dangerous shot on goal with a long range attempt by Elangbam Meitei that could be brilliantly saved by Minkael Sylla, the Young Challengers agile goalkeeper from Ghana. On the other side Praveen Amith missed a good opportunity from 30m when a ball reached him by coincidence with keeper Muthum not being present in his goal.
ASC created a slight overweight in midfield but both teams had problems with their passes in the last third of the pitch. Additionally lots of small fouls interrupted the game (with two yellow cards against Young Challengers) and none of the teams really deserved to score in the first half. A bit disappointing for the audience maybe, but the story of this match was on the way to change soon.
When the second half had hardly started and the scenery seemed unchanged with a basket of unsuccessful passes and confusing changes of ball possessions Deepak Panth on the right hand side got too much of space to bring forward a hopeful diagonal high cross. It did not seem to be dangerous but ASC striker Mohammed Rajak got away from his tackling opponent with a movement of his body and two simple steps and smashed in the ball with a well timed header way up to the second post. This was the 1:0 lead for ASC & Center that came all of a sudden but as a result of the more convincing attempts of the team in the white shirts. In min 57 Young Challengers head coach Thiagaraj was forced to substitute Manoj Kumar, one of the more active players today, who had to carried off the field after a tackle in the box of ASC. On the pitch came Mohammed Ibrahim with fresh legs.
In the 61st minute Young Challengers showed a strong signal of still being alive when defender Tsultrim got the ball after a brilliant combination of direct passes but only hit the post in the on-to-one against goalkeeper Muthum.
This could have changed again the match that now had slightly shifted more into the ASC half with more ball possession of Young Challengers.
But then on the other side ASC got a free kick from a promising spot not far from the box. Deepak Panth brought in the ball softly with a diagonal cross reaching the smallest player on the pitch, ASC's midfield motor Saroj Rai, with surprising distance to his opponent. Saroj converted with a nice header in the same corner like the first goal (72.).
Though running two goals behind Young Challengers tried its best to create own chances they got overrun shortly after all way from the ASC goal along the  whole left side, Mittei brough in a cross from the wing, both stopper backs where completely disoriented to give all the space in the world to striker Chanambam.
Chanambam had no difficulty to score with the third header of this match with the defence too far away.

ASC & Center wins this match and climbs high to the second position with now 9 points out of five matches. Young Challengers has now played 4 matches and remains 10th with three points.
Source: FAISPORTS Team, SportsCast India, KSFA
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