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Bangalore Super Division: FC DECCAN suffering defeat vs THANCO's Student Union

Bangalore Super Division: FC DECCAN suffering defeat vs THANCO
12.10.2022 - 12:00pm IST - Bangalore Football Stadium - FC Deccan vs THANCO's Student Union - Attendance: 600

Playing XI:

FC Deccan: Jithu T R (GK) (Jamie Joy, 58.) – Arbaz Khan (71. Angeleen Masih), Kavi (82. Sandeep Manoharan), Mohammed Rafi K, Mebantei Kupar R Mylliemngap (Aditya Mendes, 82.), Muhammed Nisham – Rovsten Castelino, Shelton Nickson (C), Sohail T – Prasanna Kumar,  Harsh Utekar (46. Lijith)
Bench: Abhinav Kumar, Rolden Robot Castelino, Anas Ismail Khan, Vivek Kumar
Coach: (not present Louis Nickson - missed the match due to red card - he shold be back next match)
Co-Coach: Shivamani (not present due to his participation as Karnataka Team Coach in National State Tournament)
Team Manager: Ashutosh Kumar

Playing XI:

THANCO's Student Union: Vishal Rajkumar Dube (GK) - Hemanth Kumar (60. Shantanu Ningurkar), Avinash V, Chelston Pinto (80. Saurabh Maheshwari), Jenishsinh Rana - Mrinal Muthanna Palash Barber, Pranendra Singh (C), Jai Kanani - Aditya Singh (71. Udit), Rutig Ahirrao,
Bench: Jeevan Kumar (GK - David Henderson, Shiva Kumar, Shorayav Bhardwaj
Coach: n.n.

Referee: Arvind Sekhar A

FC Deccan had a phenomenal start into this important match with two early goals in minutes 4. and 28. At this point of time it was to some extent surprising as the FCD pillar in the defence Shibili could not help his team today due to two yellow cards suffered in the previous matches. And what is more, both coaches could not be present today, too. Head Coach Louis Nickson was still banned from the stadium after his red card resulting from the disputed match in round 6 vs. Bengaluru FC, and Coach Shivamani is still active with the very successful Karnataka State Football Team playing the national tournament in Ahmedabad. No easy situation for Team Manager Ashutosh Kumar who had two roles today. After a couple of chances for both teams, however, seconds before the referee would blow the whizzle for the half break Student Union had a last chance that got converted reducing the distance to one goal only.

Though FC Deccan was very eager to bring home for the first time this season three points it was THANCO's that came stronger back from the break. And Student Union, to be honest, profited quite a lot from two decisive lapses in the FC Deccan defence that happened in just three minutes. In the end Student Union brought home a quite comfortable 4:2 win. FC DECCAN cannot be happy with this result as there was room for a better result today.

FC Deccan players leaving the field with theirs heads down.

Student Union jumps to the sixth position in the standings table with 4 wins and 14 points in total. FC Deccan remains in the danger zone with 4 points out of 8 matches

Both teams will play their next match on the 17 October 2022. FC Deccan will duel once again with MEG & Center at 2pm. THANCO's will take on top team Kickstart FC two hours later.

As usual both matches will take place at Bangalore Football Stadium, Ashok Nagar.

Source: FAISPORTS Team, Photos: Courtesy FC Deccan

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