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Bangalore Super Division: Kodagu vs BUFC - one team pressing - one team scoring

Bangalore Super Division: Kodagu vs BUFC - one team pressing - one team scoring
Uttam Nand successfully heading in the ball giving it a last change of direction for the early Kodagu lead. ..

The narrowest match of the three matches today was the match of Kodagu vs Bangalore United FC. Kodagu, the team with its base in the mountainous region of Coorg, frohad a perfect start taking an early lead in 5th minute as a consequence of a highly dangerous corner kick from the right hand side that seemed to get saved on the line with a header. But the ball, still within the box, came directly to no 25 who targeted the goal with a volley - and then a quick move of Uttam Nand (No. 36) brought the lead with a header giving the ball the last change of direction into the goal.

Kodagu head coach Shaji, actively giving instructions to his team from the side line, had to observe that his team kept on pressing well but missing to create more opportunities to score.

Luckily for BUFC Kodagu missed a good second chance (14th.) when the center forward missed a cross from the right wing that was not easy to convert. Edu and Guy Herman, the most prominent attacking players of BUFC, must have felt left high and dry in this first half without the required midfield support. And Kodagu missed another opportunity in min. 42th. when a similar well timed corner kick that came in drifting directly on goal created a big confusion around the goalkeeper. But no player could take advantage of the situation. Why the teams went into half time with a draw? Well - because BUFC launched one attack that started with a smart vertical chip of Edu that all of a sudden gave lots of room for Allanrajul on the left wing. He went into the box, won a tackle against the first defender and then fired an as it seemed quite uncontrolled shot that got blocked in very short distance by Vijish with his body and eventually his arm. The whizzle blew - and we saw one more questionable penalty in this league. Edu or Guy Herman? - This time it was Guy Herman who grabbed the ball and converted without any difficulty. This was the starting point for a crazy last phase of the first half with three extra minutes that turned things upside down. On the one side one goal for Kodagu had to be cancelled as the ball seemed to have already crossed the line before a cross was nicely converted with a header. And BUFC knew how to profit from such a situation when the opponent players were still complaining about the decision. They started a quick counter attack over the right wing, a low cross from Juraij came in, and Edu was a second quicker than anybody else to chip the ball into the goal to mark the surprising 2:1 half time lead of BUFC.

The BUFC coaching team had to observe a nervous match of its team - but wide-awake in the decisive moments.

Still nothing was lost for Kodagu who kept on playing pressing high in the BUFC field but could not create major chances. And then a fatal vertical pass back from Bibin Ajayan that was meant to reach the last defender Sarath Rajkumar got intercepted too easily by experienced BUFC striker Edu. He went up and away with the ball, Guy Herman on the left hand side following him,..

but Edu instead of passing the ball decided to sidestep goal keeper and two defenders to mark his second goal. Great show!

And a thrilling 3:1 victory - maybe not for the better team today but for the smarter one.

Source: FAISPORTS, KSFA, SportsCast India
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