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Bangalore Super Division: Narrow win of MEG & Center FC over BUFC

Bangalore Super Division: Narrow win of MEG & Center FC over BUFC
Arjun trying an overhead volley for MEG & Center in this match against Bangalore United FC ..
17. Nov 2021 / Bangalore Super Division / Match No. 34 / MEG & Center FC vs BUFC / Venue: Bangalore Football Stadium Ashok Nagar . .

Apart from the first minutes of this game when Guy Herman had one first chance for a goal for Bangalore United FC, it was MEG & Center getting the match pretty much under control with decent attacks. BUFC did not find at all a way to pass the ball to their top attackers Guy Herman and Chinedu who must have felt quite left alone by their mates.
And the efforts of MEG paid off soon in minute 24 of the first half when Arjun got awarded a penalty that was somehow in line with other not very clear penalties that we have seen in recent matches of this league. After an uninspired horizontal pass in midfield from the side line to the middle Khongsai intercepted with confidence and dribbled up to the box of BUFC. Though blocked over there, Arjun took possession of the deviated ball, speeded into the box and while trying to pass a low cross got slightly disturbed by Juraij eventually with the help of his left arm and was seen rolling over to his right side. Penalty.
In charge today of this shot from 11m distance is Shaik who decides to target the high left corner. No chance for BUFC keeper Manobin.

This was the 1:0 lead for the more active MEG. BUFC now managed few times to bring the ball up to Guy Herman and Chinedu but the small chances that they had with a high shot with his left foot of Herman (41st) and a completely misplaced one minutes later of Chinedu were not successful. In contrary to that MEG was luckier on the other side where Arjun was more alert than any of his opponents just centimeters in the box in a confusing situation when he fired the ball that somehow was close to him high into the net. BUFC keeper Manobin saw the ball late and had no chance to save it. This was the end point for a comfortable 2:0 first half lead for dominating MEG & Center.
The second half started with the same impression of a more confident MEG but BUFC now with more enthusiasm to get closer to the MEG goal. And in one occasion Chinedu got the ball on the right wing, rushed diagonally into the box and hammered the ball high into the near corner to reduce the distance to one goal (70th.) - very difficult to defend for MEG.

The bench of BUFC after the goal of Chinedu with hopes at least for a draw.

For the last 20 minutes to go MEG now mobilized again forces to hold away BUFC from target which worked well till the last minute of extra time. In the 93rd minute BUFC had a last chance to score in a confusing scene just centimeters in front of the goal line, with protests for a hand penalty and goal keeper Pramod Joshi burying the ball under his body. Final result MEG & Center 2, BUFC 1.
Source: FAISPORTS, SportsCast India, KSFA

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