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Bangalore Super Division: Rearing up of the teams in the lower half of the standings table

Bangalore Super Division: Rearing up of the teams in the lower half of the standings table
Team pic of Bangalore Dream United from 2018 with their former head coach Shaji in the middle - the same Shaji who stood today at the side line for Kodagu FC in the second match today at Bangalore Football Stadium. .

Today,exactly one week before Christmas eve, two matches took place at Bangalore Football Stadium, And it could be assumed that in both the matches all teams would fight like lions to make up points in order to get away from the last two relegation ranks:

Bangalore Dream United vs.  ADE FC
Young Challengers  vs.  Kodagu FC

As already stated in the last report, Bangalore Dream United had an unusually short recovery time after the bitter defeat against FC Deccan of this Tuesday (by penalty FC Deccan scored the only goal). Few weeks ago there was a similar situation in the UK Premier League when Liverpool FC got confronted by the same challenge. Liverpool FC Head coach J├╝rgen Klopp complained in the press about this order of the Football Association.

Today Bangalore Dream United had the important match against the tailing side of the league, ADE FC, who had still not won a single point with a huge negative goal difference. But such statistics can be very much misleading. In the first matches ADE conceded way too many goals and it seemed that the team was simply not strong enough to compete in the Super League. But this has changed over the time. A couple of new players got added to the team, and the team managed to get much more stability in the defence with now narrow end results. In a couple of matches ADE was close to draw but a little bit of good luck has been missing all the time. And exactly the same happened today. For almost the complete match ADE held strong against Dream United who was somehow forced to win to keep intact or even enlarge the distance to the following team Young Challengers. But then, with just three regular minutes to go, Bangalore Dream United got a penalty that turned the match to their favour. In min. 88th it was the Under-21 player Lima Lepcha who successfully converts for Dream United. If no miracle happens in the remaining matches ADE FC can now slowly plan for the A-Division for the next season.
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