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Bangalore Super Division with three thrillers today

Bangalore Super Division with three thrillers today
***Thrilling football in Bengaluru / 15. Nov 2021 / 11:45 / 13:45 / 15:45 / Matches 30-32 / Venue: Bangalore Football Stadium Ashok Nagar***
This packed day of football today at the Bangalore Football Stadium started a quarter to noon with the match of ADE FC versus Bangalore United FC.
Herman the Cameroon borne striker of Bangalore United FC scored the ony goal of this match in min 15 after a successful dribbling, rounding ADE goal keeper Sadekuddin and a precise shot between two defenders who tried to block the shot on the goal line. ADE FC with a much improved defence after the numerous goals conceded in the previous matches had to accept the fourth defeat in the league and remain last in the standings. BUFC is now ranked 5th with 7 points out of three matches.

The second match of the day at 1:45 was the much awaited clash between FC Deccan from Northern Bangalore and MEG & Center, both teams knowing each other pretty well from the last seasones and even from friendly matches in the pre-season. MEG with its well organized, experienced and robust team - FC Deccan with its so far remarkable defence and various promising young players with the attacking gene.
And FC Deccan made their intentions clear with a first dangorous corner kick right in the very first seconds that MEG goal keeper Pramod Joshi had to palm away over the cross bar. FC Deccan showed a fast pace tempo and quick passes throught their lines but was not hundred percent in the game. Visible in the 10th minute when, after a well timed pass from left back Amal over the opponents, striker Paras on the far left wing instead of using all the space that all of a sudden was there in front of him decided to go for some footwork tricks that ended in a pass into the offside. There was much more possible in this situation for Deccan. And it was Paras again just two minutes later in a sudden one-to one against Joshi when he had a great oportunity to score for Deccan but could not get the ball past the MEG keeper who saved nicely. It was a moment of big oportunities for FC Deccan with a visibly disoriented defence of MEG. But luckily for MEG missing control in the lines of FC Deccan prevented a goal here.
And all of a sudden after these missed Deccan chances MEG was in the game, too! A long cross from the right wing past the far post reached Rahul who artistically got the ball under control and fired an a bit uncontrolled shot with his left that got blocked by a defender's body over the side line. MEG shouted for penalty argueing for hand but the referee stood close and finally decided for a corner-kick. And now it was the FC Deccan defence disoriented two times with all of a sudden a striker surprisingly free in front of goalkeeper Jamie Joy but the ball both times went over the cross bar.
MEG now more and more got control over the match with another good oportunities with a dangerous freekick of defender Inaakum that Jamie Joy boxed round the post and another brilliant save in the same corner (29th min.) keeping the score at level 0:0.
The second half went on with this tight game now with even less chances, longish relais of failed passes and dozens of free-kick decisions of the referee that somehow made it difficult to perform a better football. But then, all of a sudden MEG got awarded a penalty after the goal line referee intervened and eventually reported something like a timid high foot of defender Amal disturbing the MEG player that was on his way away from the goal with no option to really create danger and who at least had his leg and foot same high and with more speed against Amal than other way round. Where the referees saw a foul worth a penalty here was a miracle for all participants. In any case a very lucky situation for MEG that Arjun converted into the 1:0 lead for MEG & Center.
Disputed penalty decision in favour of MEG & Center in 70th min.

And while everybody was still discussing this magic penalty, after the kick-off from the middle point, Amal, the unfortunate player of the last scene took all his courage and went up the field to help attacking, he speeded into the box and got tackled close to the line. And guess what - he got a penalty for FC Deccan just seconds after the first one. What a show! The audience could not really believe how this match had converted from one minute to the next into a real drama. A drama that went on because this penalty turned out to create another highlight of the match. Deccan player Kim chose the right hand corner for his not very strong penalty, Joshi smelled the corner, jumped and seemed to have saved the shot with the ball under him - but, no, somehow he lost control of the ball and the ball trottled away from his body along the line where FC Deccan midfielder Lenin rushed in to kick the ball over the goal line.
What a relief for Kim, what a relief for Amal who sent thanks to the sky - and what a relief for FC Deccan who was not very eager to lose this game knowing that they were not very efficient in front of the goal today. In fact, FC Deccan had one more good opportunity to score with a header close to the end of the match but today both teams simply had no means to score out of the game. This interesting match with crazy and thrilling 5 minutes ends in a 1:1 draw. FAISPORTS man of the match today is FC Deccan goalkeeper Jamie Joy who kept his team in the game with a couple of brilliant saves.
FC Deccan, on the way to mark a new starting record of consecutive draws in the Super division, has now accumulated 3 points ou of three matches and climbs to rank 10. MEG & Center is ranked 8th with 5 points out of three matches.

Third match of the day: Student Union FC vs Jawahar Union FC (match 32):

Very tight and levelled match between these two teams with a long football history in Bangalore. Way back in 1955 was founded Student Union FC with their refreshed, cool name Thanco's Student Union FC to honor the sponsor that recently joined the club (the known icecream brand) and Jawahar Union FC that got rejuveniled in 2013 by a group of enthusiastic but ambitious amateur footballers successfully climbing with the club from the lowest league up to the Bangalore Super Division. A real fairy-tale story.

Both teams presented themselves well organized and with good passing qualities, however, not pressing so much in order to keep proper distances between the lines of players and to avoid dangerous counter attacks. It was a tactical game that, though not many chances got created, was very interesting to view for the audience. Tension was always there. With this quality of the players something could happen anytime.

The first goal of this match was for Jawahar Union after a high ball came down into the 5-yard box. Nobody could get it under control, it bounced a meter high and got artistically fired by defender Mohamed Javasin with a side shot into the far end of the goal. A goal with chances to become goal of the month. But Thanco's Student Union not for a single moment lost its momentum and simply went on playing good football. Just few minutes later after a never ending ball relay left and right and back and forth hrough the lines of Student Union an in principle harmless long and high ball came in and got cleared by the successful scorer Mohamed Javasin slightly using his arms when bouncing against the also jumping Student's striker. Too surprised about the referee's decision for a free kick in this situation the Jawahar players did not even complain. And goal keeper Sunil Kumar, not knowing what should happen, in all coolness with bended knees leaning against the post, happily positioned four players to build a wall. But wouh, what a nicely worked trick! Juking to reposition the ball on the lawn, but instead of doing so kicking the ball with the tip of the toes a meter to the side Taishi Joshida gets the ball, touches it one more time and then smashes a low shot through the lines that surprises Sunil Kumar in his corner. A brilliant goal - a beautifil goal that for sure should also be on the list for the best goal of the month.
Jawahar goalkeeper Sunil still very relaxed. But this feeling should be changing soon after......

In the second half none of the two teams managed to score a second goal - the match ends in a 1:1 draw.
Source: FAISPORTS / SportsCast India / KSFA
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