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German surprising the world with another historic football disaster

German surprising the world with another historic football disaster
The tactical change from a back four to a back three defence line turned out to be a negative factor today for the German game: Elmas scoring for Northern Macedonia.

After the historic 0:6 defeat against Spain end of last year Germany thought to be on a good way back to old strenght. This week the German National Team showed two self-confident performances in their World Cup Qualifier matches against Iceland (3:0) and Rumania (1:0) - and there was consensus in Germany that the team would send home Northern Macedonia with a heavy load of goals, no doubt.
An estimation that could have not been more false. Germany started quite well and dominated the opponent in the first half but it got never under control the 37 year old northern macedonian captain Goran Pandev who set the pace for his team - and culminating the first half marking the unexpected lead hardly before the break.
In the second half in min. 62 Germany got awarded a penalty after Leroy Sané in the box made a sharp unexpected turn close to the goal line and got  slightly hit when tackled from behind by Alioski. Gündogan converted the penalty with a sharp ball into the middle. North macedonian goal keeper Dimitrievski was already on the way into the left hand corner.
Another penalty should have followed twelve minutes later on the other side when Germany's Emre Can unvoluntarily cleared a cross with his right arm. Referee Karasev from Russia could not see well the scene from his point and his wizzle remained silent. Good luck for Germany.
Just five minutes later Germany has the opportunity of the match to take the lead but Timo Werner happens to miss the empty goal after receiving a deadly pass from Gündogan. For sure Werner will not have slept well the night after this lapse.
And then the unthinkable happened: Ademi from the left wing got past Antonio Rüdiger with a stepover reaching the ball young striker Elmas who scores the winning second goal for the northern macedonians. Northern Macedonia with Goran Pandev (who plays for CFC Genoa on club level) and Eljif Elmas ( SSC Napoli) beat Germany for the first time.

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