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Lewis Hamilton blows race chance with error at Azerbaijan Gran Prix

Lewis Hamilton blows race chance with error at Azerbaijan Gran Prix

Lewis Hamilton says flicking a "magic" button on his Mercedes car caused him to blow his chance of an Azerbaijan GP victory, with the world champion inadvertently "switching the brakes off" and missing the first corner just as it appeared he had passed Sergio Perez at the restart.

Hamilton looked to have lucked in at Baku after championship and race leader Max Verstappen crashed out, and - second on the grid for the post-red flag restart - he then got the jump on Perez off the line.

But, in dramatic scenes on an extraordinary afternoon, Hamilton then locked up into Turn One and ran onto the escape road, dropping him way down the order and out of the points.

He then told Sky F1 after the race that he mistakenly pressed the 'magic' button just when it appeared a victory was within his reach.

The 'magic' switch is essentially designed to heat the front tyres on the car before a race start by changing the brake balance. Hamilton likely turned it off before the start before hitting it again by accident.

"He touched a button and the brake balance changed," explained Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. "The brake balance went forward and basically the car doesn't stop."

The mistake means Verstappen retains his four-point championship lead, while Red Bull have stretched their advantage over Mercedes in the constructors' standings as Valtteri Bottas also finished outside the top 10.

Source: Sky Sports

"On the restart, I think when Checo [Perez] moved over towards me I clipped a switch and it basically switches the brakes off so I just went straight," said Hamilton. "I had no idea that I'd even touched it."

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