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Magic Afternoon in Wallinghausen

Magic Afternoon in Wallinghausen

Promoted SV Wallinghausen clinches a sensational 1:0 victory over TV Bunde.It was an outburst of joy after referee Bender made use of the whistle for the last time today after a short overtime. A pile of green vested players hugging and dancing towards a crowd of 300 happy and proud supporters that will certainly come again to enjoy attractive and entertaining football in the heart of East Freesia. Of course, the reds disappointed having lost this narrow game in the last quarter.

SV Wallinghausen coach Sven Bünting could not stop smiling while commenting: “It was an intense match with two same strong teams – we needed a little bit of luck today but the victory was not undeserved. We are now in the league. The team should enjoy the moment today but then we have to concentrate again on the coming matches. It will be a challenging time”.

Wallinghausen started strong pressing the opponent into their own half but could not create dangerous situations in front of the goal. Bunde needed some 20 minutes to get accustomed to the parched and a bit rugged ground before they launched some attacks with two narrow shots missing the goal. The best occasion to score came all of a sudden for Wallinghausen when a sharp diverted cross came in to the second post where Jannes Hagena rushed in with full speed but missed the goal by centimetres. In this action unfortunately he crashed into the post with his thigh and had to be replaced shortly after entering on the pitch his younger brother Ulf.

In the second half, too, the newly formed back-four formation with Max Beccard and Tobias Cordes as right and left wingers with Helge Reuter and Kilian Ahlers in the center did an efficient job keeping Bunde mostly away from the box. After both teams for a long time neutralizing the other in midfield Wallinghausen started a rapid attack already in min. 77 from the right wing and all of a sudden Marvin Dahlke was free in front of the goal keeper. Though he was heavily attacked by a defending player he managed with his strong left foot to magically lift the ball over the approaching goal keeper Joachim Gronewold scoring the decisive goal of the match. In the last minutes TV Bunde tried everything to equalize giving some room for counter attacks but none of the teams could convert their chances.

By Team Faisports

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