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German Football Association DFB with new ideas

German Football Association DFB with new ideas
Demonstrations for human rights are en vogue world wide and many sports stars and other celebrities take part or are made to take part in the media.
After the German National Team recently supported the movement, obviously with the consent of the German Football Association DFB, it is now the DFB working on a new sponsorship deal with preciesely Qatar Airways as till-date main sponsor German Lufthansa is running out of financial means due to the Corona implications.
We are curious how the public will evaluate this move of the DFB marketing managers. After Germany lost its match against England the prices for fan items have dropped by half. The price for the national team jersey is a good indicator for the mood of the public with the DFB. We will have a close look onto the development of the jersey prices. Now doubt that quality-wise Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines and does not have to hide at all behind the German Lufthansa. Issue is that people do not fade out the human rights topics. The jersey prices and number of sold pieces will tell us.
Photo: dpa / T. Schwarz

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