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I- League is back with some action

I- League is back with some action
The 13th season of the I-League is set to roll from November 30 after riding a storm that threatened the existence of the competition and the clubs in it. The league, which taps into the grassroots, promises great stories, and plenty of scrappy football, from clubs across India. 2019-20 season launch conference on November 21 was bigger and better,  although afternoon kickoffs, lazy programming and empty stadiums are never a good look as much as it was just this unshakeable somewhat false notion that India deserved better. It deserved more glamour. And the I-League therefore has been demoted, without actually looking like there is any change.D sports will telecast the all the matches which will give I-League much needed relief, legacy clubs like Mohan Bagan, East Bengal will fight it out with new and emerging clubs from South India. Is it ISL Vs I-League only time will tell.

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